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SpaMedica Eye Hospital Preston

Spa Medica Eye Hospital

SpaMedica Eye Hospital

SpaMedica Eye Hospital Preston

Start Date of Project – 25th March 2020
Completion Date of Project –  3rd April 2020.


Dc Fire Protection was asked to install passive fire protection within the 30 year old building. 

The manufacturer had been asked to survey the structure of the building.
Whilst providing a suitable specification within the roof space of the building. 

With the purpose of upgrading and improving the fire performance of the roof, providing Apollo Lite 30:30 was installed. 

The Apollo Lite 30:30 was installed for the vertical separation and compartmentation.

Therefore with the purpose off using Apollo 30:30, this ensures and offers 30 minutes integrity and insulation.

Thereby exceeding the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations.

Most importantly in the event that if there ever was a fire to occur, it would ensure more safety and protection for the occupants within the building.

And without a doubt, it would also limit the damage of any contents from inside the building and ensure more protection to the structure of the actual building too. 


SpaMedica Eye Hospital Preston

Apollo Lite 30:30

The flexible material of the FireFly Apollo Lite 30:30 is easy to cut and fix. 

Manufactured using specially treated woven glass fibre fabrics, allowing the material to be lightweight and easy to install. 

In addition the material is also chemically treated.
Therefore improving its cooling properties and preventing temperatures rising in adjoining areas.

In conclusion of the work carried out within the SpaMedia Eye Hospital project, it has been completed for the client, in full accordance.
With TBA’s complete specification and installation instructions. 

The system has also been fully tested and is third party certified by IFCC


If you are looking for more information from SpaMedica Eye Hospital itself, here is a link to their website, where they carry out treatments all across the UK within their premises.

Lastly if you are on social media why not check out our Facebook page too where you can keep up to date with all of our recent projects on there too. –

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    With Dc Fire Protection following all the specifications and requirements in installing the correct fire protection, this helps protect lives.
    Also enabling extra protection for the structure of buildings and allowing any contents to have more survival if there ever was a fire to occur.


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