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Passive Fire Protection

We Dc Fire Protection install Passive Fire Protection systems to ensure people’s safety and help keep buildings safe.

Passive Fire Protection is built into the structure of the building.
For instance it can be installed in walls, floors and ceilings to separate the building in divided compartments.

​Protection is provided in two ways, either by the fire safety materials from which the building is constructed.
Or it is added to the building to enhance its fire resistance.

​Without a doubt these areas are designed to restrict the growth and to help stop the spread of any fire from happening. 

​Furthermore it also limits the impact of damage to buildings and the contents what may be within the building.

Therefore ensuring that the right fire protection is installed, it allows the spread of the fire to be slower and for the smoke to be more contained.

In addition it also limits it in a single compartment.  Preventing and protecting escape area routes from becoming smoke logged.

The directors and operatives working in Dc Fire Protection, have been in the Passive Fire Industry for many years.
And without a doubt providing essential work experience throughout the industry. 

 We install fire protection all over the UK, most importantly ensuring the safety of people’s lives and helping to protect contents within a building. 

It is a vital component of any fire safety regulation and as a result it safeguards and ensures the safety of people’s lives.

And when installed by manufacturers specifications correctly, this will buy you precious time if a fire was to break out.





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    Dc Fire Protection Ltd

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     VAT Registration: 226187211

    Head Office

    Find our Head Office based in Northamptonshire UK. 

    Dc Fire Protection Ltd
    72 Michael Way 
    NN9 6GR
    United Kingdom 

    Head Office Telephone: 01933 622747

    Daniel Mabbott - 07576556304
    Craig Tyrrell - 07401588537

    Regional Manager 
    Kevin Allsop - 07723618334

    Contact Numbers:

    Contact Numbers:

    Head Office:  01933 622747
    Craig Tyrrell: 0701588537
    Daniel Mabbott: 07576 556304
    Kevin Allsop: 07723 618334


    Contact Dc Fire Protection
    Email addresses:

    Main Company Email Address:

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    Regional Manager


    Dc Fire Protection have been an established and successful company for over 5 years now. 
    Developing and growing better each year. 

    We now have a great team built up of trained operatives all throughout the UK, who travel around and install a variety of passive fire protection.

    With Dc Fire Protection following all the specifications and requirements in installing the correct fire protection, this helps protect lives.
    Also enabling extra protection for the structure of buildings and allowing any contents to have more survival if there ever was a fire to occur.


    Are you within the Passive Fire Protection industry and looking for employment?

    Why not contact us, Dc Fire Protection for potential work. 

    If you are interested in applying for a Passive Fire Protection role with Dc Fire Protection 
    Firstly, please either email your C.V at our main email address being

    Or contact us on our facebook page -

    Secondly, book an appointment in meeting us at our head office or to arrange a telephone appointment to discuss and go through furthermore information. 

    Lastly bring along all of your qualifications and training you have completed, for instance it may be a  CSCS card,  NVQ, Ipaf, Driving license etc.
    Additionally any extra product training you may also have too will be great. 

    Fire Stopping and Compartmentation